Is your website engaging?

With a multitude of website developers available, all at varying costs and timelines, the true assessment of the service provided is the quality of the website, customer experience, self-management ability and most important: is your website engaging? In this post, we list some measures you can use to determine if your website is engaging.

1. Average time spent on your site

You want people to browse your website for as long as possible. When they do, it’s probably because they find the content engaging or there is something of interest and relevance to them in relation to their search.

2. Number of pages they visit on your site

When reading a good book, readers will keep turning the pages if they are engaged. It’s the same principle with a website. Engaging content can result in visitors to your website exploring other pages, not just the first one they land on. Eventually, they may decide to take your desired action.

3. The bounce rate

When visitors find your website engaging, they are less likely to leave so quickly. Bounce rate is a good indicator of whether your website has succeeded in engaging them.

4. Are they sharing it?

People love to share what they believe is good content. This behaviour reflects positively on them too. With the pervasiveness of mobile usage, it’s become easier to share a website. When people share your website, it helps to boost awareness of your brand.

5. Are they reading it?

If you have interesting and valuable content, visitors are likely to click on it and read it. The technical name for this is click-through rate. The higher this is, the more engaging your website is.

For a small business, your website is the most lethal weapon in your marketing armoury. Despite a smaller budget in contrast to bigger businesses, a good website can boost awareness of your brand. Why not call us for a review of your existing website?

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