News from Google – August 2017

Google is an absolute powerhouse, and the volume of data they hold, interpret, learn and evolve from is so extensive it boggles the mind. This data is both a blessing and a curse, as marketers leverage the data to target advertising spend to nth degree and not just through Google.

August 2017 saw a variety of updates in Google. These are summarised well by our friends over at Hubspot, but here is our quick run down –

Algorithm Changes

Yup, again the Google powers may have changed how they rank search results. However, there has been no official statement from the tech giant confirming this.

Annoying Website Crackdown

It started out with Google Chrome allowing you to control annoying videos and intrusive ads from websites, but now it looks like Chrome is set to add a feature allowing users to mute an entire web page or even pages!


Source: Francois Beaufort 


On another note, a new Android version is also set to be released – Oreo.


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