Never assume: it’s a genuine barrier to winning websites

There’s an old saying that you should never ‘assume’ because it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’. This may be a harsh assessment, but assumption can cause problems when a business is creating a start-up or small business website design and key content. Here are three key reasons why businesses often, inadvertently, make this mistake;

You know too much about your business!

You are obviously an expert in the products and services that your business provides. The danger is that many of those who read the content – and are potential customers – have a much lesser degree of such knowledge or understanding. Assuming they know all the key facts you do, or benefits you appreciate can be gained, can lead to vital information not being included. The outcome is that they are not convinced by what they read or see.

You speak a different language to your customers!

The language we are talking about here is the jargon, technical terms, abbreviations and more that are an integral part of any business. Because of this, those working within a company or organisation simply use them automatically. If a face-to-face customer doesn’t understand, or is unsure, they can always ask. Online, they might simply return to the search engine and look for another source for what they need – one that doesn’t (accidentally) confuse them!

You already know all the key information!

Without thinking, you know so much about how your business functions. It can, therefore, be easy to forget to tell others what is so obvious to you. For example, first-time visitors may need physical location guidance, parking availability and opening hours. It’s useful, also, to think through a checklist of detail customers would want to know. This might include delivery information, returns policy, guarantees, helpline or other sources of technical advice, and much more – and will usually be specific to your field of expertise.

Use us as a ‘stranger’ to your business

Our dedicated team can adopt this role when creating a start-up or small business website design and key content. We work with you to appreciate what a stranger would need to know, and the language they would understand, meaning you have a much better chance of encouraging them into taking the action you wish.

Contact us now for an obligation-free discussion about your specific needs in this area.

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