Optimising Digital Marketing

Digital is an important part of any marketing campaign. And there are simple and easy things you can do to for optimising your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

Social media posts are a vital part of digital marketing and it’s how you approach such posts that make a difference.  For one thing, you should review any post carefully before posting.  Answer such questions as:  Does this post reflect positively on my business?  Does it adequately represent my brand?  Do I know the origin of any hashtags that are shared?  Answering these questions can reduce difficulties and avoid bad shares that may harm your reputation.

Blogging & Content Marketing

Having a blog is great and is a wonderful way to promote your business, but there are certain elements that must be present to ensure that your blog is optimised for digital marketing.  For example, it should be optimised for contact information. Customers should be able to easily get in touch with your business.  Your blog and website should have all the relevant contact information, such as phone numbers, opening hours, and any other form of information that can help customers find and communicate with your business, such as google maps.

Website Marketing & SEO

Speaking of websites, always keep your website up to date.  A well designed modern website that loads easily and is mobile friendly is one of the best ways to present your business to the world. Mobile friendliness is especially important because studies have shown that the majority of local mobile searches result in sales.

Make sure that you complete your website’s meta data.  This includes alternate text behind images, meta titles, descriptions and title tags. These are vital for good search engine results and are a major part of SEO.

Content is another important element of optimisation.  The content on your web page should be highly descriptive and oriented toward answering those questions that customers most often ask. When it comes to blogs, your content should not only be relevant, but also supply new information about related subjects that your customers would find useful.  It’s okay not to always talk about your product, as long as the information on your blog is relevant.  Providing good information is an excellent way to build customer trust and appropriate thought leadership in your niche.

Your sales content should also contain strong calls to action that are smoothly integrated into the text, so they don’t appear spammy or artificial.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers, suppliers and propects. It can be used for campaign marketing and sales promotions, and also to share content from your website. Quality over quantity in email marketing is critical – in terms of true numbers on your email marketing list and in terms of the content of your emails.

Don’t forget that the foundation of digital marketing is a solid established Internet presence that reflects your brand across every platform.

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