An SEO Checklist for Small Business Search Engine Optimisation

SEO checklist for small businessSearch engine optimisation to help get your small business website found.

Understand the essentials of Search Engine Optimisation for your small business website with our 2015 Small Business SEO guide.

  • Do you want your business website to rank well in Google search engine listings?
  • Do yo know how people find your small business website?
Get Online Australia have designed this SEO Checklist for small business to help you with your search engine marketing.
For small businesses just getting started, this can also be an action plan for things you want to get done over the next 12 months to grow your online presence.
For business websites that have been established for a while this is a great ‘check-up’ to see whether there is anything new you need to consider.

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Why we wrote this Small Business Search Engine Optimisation Guide and SEO Checklist:

Every time we start a new website, we start laying the foundations for solid on-page search engine optimisation for that small business website.  All too often we come across websites that haven’t had these foundational building blocks of search engine optimisation put in place.  The reasons for this are many, but the results are poor search engine rankings for small businesses or them not ranking at all.


What is on-page Search Engine Optimisation?  

It is the basic building blocks that are incorporated into a small business website that allow Google to know what that business is all about.  The very simplest part of this is ensuring your Website Title, Website Tagline,  Page Title and Meta Descriptions are correctly formatted and represent your business, products and services well.


If you are a small business and you have invested in building a website, you want people to find it right?

The Page Title and Meta-description tell search engines what each page is about and also describe your website in search engine results.  Their job is:
      1. Get you ranking for the right keyword phrases, and


  • Entice your potential customers to click through to your website rather than the other businesses listed on the search engine results page.



These, of course aren’t the only factor in search engine optimisation, there are many other things to consider and this free guide is designed to make it simpler for small businesses to understand the essentials.


How to use the SEO Checklist: 

This SEO Checklist is a great target to aim for with your small business and each item, done properly, will help your website rank better in search engines.


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