Should you automate your social media posts?

There are compelling reasons why you should pre-schedule your social media posts. Primarily, it is an efficient use of your time. Rather than jumping between tasks or trying to find time within your busy schedule to “put that post up”, scheduling your posts means that you can allocate an amount of time each week to get the job done. Not only that, but get the job done well. However, there is also a definite need to not automate all of your social posts. In this article, we are going to explore the reasons why.

3 reasons not to schedule your social media posts

Social media marketing for small business operations can be a great way to bridge the gap in your services and find a way to punch above your weight. Social networks are free to join and mostly free to use, with some small advertising fees to help you reach a wider audience. However, as you’re enjoying the advantages and ease of use of social media, think twice about the following points before you are swept away by too much automation.

1. You can lose the authenticity of live updates

Of course, it is easy and saves you time to schedule all your small business social media marketing across all platforms. However, you’re also sacrificing the very reason your customers and followers tune into your social media channels – to learn what you’re doing now. Yes, there are certain posts which you can schedule ahead of time, but don’t schedule all of your social media posts without interspersing them with some live updates too.

2. An all-in-one platform doesn’t meet all of your needs

As you start looking into scheduling social media posts for your small business, you’ll find a myriad of scheduling tools and programs. Many of these programs allow you to consolidate all of your social media profiles into one platform. You can then schedule your posts from one place, and post to all your social media profiles at the same time. Easy right? Yes, but there are different social media platforms for a reason. A digital marketing message which works for a LinkedIn audience won’t necessarily resonate with a Facebook audience. It can be very tempting to consolidate your social media marketing into one platform, but you’re not going to be conveying your message effectively.

3. You don’t want to run your business on cruise control

You wouldn’t set and forget your accounting software, or your customer response emails so why would you run your social media on autopilot? You need to maintain constant contact with your social media platforms and audience, as well as post responsive comments, images and links. So don’t lose sight of why you’re in business or who you’re in business for simply to save a little time.

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