Small Business Web Design Packages in Australia Explained

I cannot even begin to tell you how many people speak with us about how our web design packages are so affordable. It’s quite simple. Small Business Web Design Packages in Australia are often over-complicated, full of jargon and often over-priced so that they seem to be including ‘everything’ when in fact they leave much left unstated.

To help explain the expanding options for web design packages in Australia, let us outline a few key questions you should ask any web agency that you are considering.

1. Can I edit the website myself

This might sound ridiculously obvious, but several clients that come to us do so simply because they are unable to make even the most straight forward changes to their own website. And when I say straight forward, I mean it. Literally, they want to change a word in a sentence on their home page.

There are a myriad of website designers who will build you a website, but as for after-sales service, or the ability to self-manage? Watch out.

Before you go ahead with any small business website design package, make sure you ask these questions:

  1. Will I be able to make edits to the website after it is published?
  2. Do I need to have an IT background and know HTML to be able to make updates?
  3. Will you train me so that I can make these edits?
  4. Does the site software need to updated to be secure, and if so, can I do this myself?

2. Will you be using a custom built theme?

Several WordPress developers will build a website that uses a “custom theme” or include custom HTML / CSS / JS etc (excuse the jargon) to deliver a beautiful website. In today’s environment, there is almost no need for custom coding of any kind for a small business website. In all honesty, unless you have specifically requested something that is way outside of normal design parameters, the need for custom coding is almost negligible.

Custom built themes can be a blessing and a curse. But I would definitely lean towards the ‘curse’ side of the scales.

Depending on the way that the custom theme is built, if it is not built as as an extension of a robust theme such as Avada, Astra, or otherwise, you are leaving your site open to a wide variety of vulnerabilities. Just think; virus, hackers, data vulnerability, site loss, etc…

Don’t believe me? I had someone approach me to transfer their website hosting to us. Upon doing so, I discovered that there site had been ‘piggy backed’ to generate traffic for the sale of some extremely X-rated adult products and services. THEY HAD NO IDEA. 

How did this happen? Their website theme was ENTIRELY custom coded, so there was no access to security updates. Any WordPress core updates were almost guaranteed to cause issues with the theme due to coding conflicts.

We were able to resolve the issue and remove the hacked files, but this was due entirely to our virus scanners and hosting environment where vulnerability scanning is a standard, not an option.

Not surprisingly, that leads to my next question you need to ask about Small Business Web Design Packages –

3. Do you include website hosting, and how good is it?

Yes, this is a two part question!

Several Small Business Web Design Packages include website hosting, but the question has to be asked as to how good it is. There is a massive variance between bad hosting and great hosting. From website load times, to data protection, to customer service, it all adds up.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play for website hosting.

OK, so you are now asking…. if you get what you pay for, how are you so affordable?

We are going to flip that on it’s head and say “why are the others charging so much”? We still haven’t quite figured that out….. unless of course they are just trying to “take the mickey”.

In the interest of complete transparency: we host ALL of our websites with either Siteground or Synergy Wholesale. Both have servers based in Sydney, have enterprise based hardware, provide excellent customer support, but do so at reasonable prices. Depending on the size of your website, volume of traffic, and other elements, we simply choose the ‘best fit’ for your website.

A few last thoughts

Interestingly, I have had some recent businesses ask me these questions:

  • How much is it for the theme, I’m guessing that is not included in your price
  • What about a contact form, does that cost extra?
  • What is the price per video that is displayed on the website?
  • How many images are included in your price?


Let’s just say that they are ALL included in our Small Business Web Design Packages pricing.

And if there is any doubt, because it isn’t listed in our package, just ask!

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