Giving back to our community is really important for the Get Online Australia team.  

If you are a not for profit and would like help with your getting and improved online presence for your organisation, please get in touch.  We would love to talk through your options with you.  

Not for Profit Organisations we support:

The-Junction-Clubhouse-Cairns-300pxA The Junction Clubhouse provides a club like environment for people who have had their lives impacted by mental health issues and who believe recovery is possible.

The Junction Clubhouse is much more than a program, or a mental health service; it is most importantly a membership based community of people who are working together towards the common goal of participating in, and contributing to the community.

The White Whale Research Centre

Migaloo the white whale is a much-loved Australian icon that and part of the annual humpback whale migration that travels the east coast of Australia.

Each year Migaloo’s arrival in Australia’s waters is eagerly anticipated and Migaloo’s unique colouring gives researches insights into the whale migration as he is sighted along the coast and those sightings reported.  Migaloo’s website is currently under redevelopment to better facilitate the sightings, education and community engagement that Migaloo fosters.   Migaloo’s sightings are recorded and managed by the White Whale Research Centre which is a volunteer run group.


Not for Profit Website Design:

Not for for profit organisations and charities have different requirements to business websites.  For a charity their website is often the centre of their community and communication efforts.  A website provides a cost-effective way to communicate with members, educate, gather donations and inspire volunteers.

Get Online Australia want to support, aid and encourage not-for-profit organisations by helping them with their website design.  Our not-for-profit website design services are offered to organisations of all sizes and budgets.