What Social Media Content Performs Best?

Struggling with Social Media Engagement?

Help boost your small business social media marketing and engage with your customers better. Know what social media content performs best to drive engagement, website traffic and sales leads.

A new report from Facebook analytics provider Simply Measured finds consumer engagement with Facebook posts from a number of the top Interbrand companies is down dramatically year over year… The firm says that monthly engagement is off an average of more than 40 percent since May 2013. – Marketing Land

So if even the top brands with social media marketing consultants and large budgets are struggling with engagement, how does your small business make the most of their social media marketing efforts?
For small business social media marketing remains a cost effective and affordable sign post to their website and a way to stay in touch with your customers.   It can be challenging to get the right ‘balance’ in your efforts and ensure your time is put to good use.

To help, I have put together this quick guide from recently released information about what types of content perform best on social media.  First a quick explainer of some common types of posts:

– How-to posts. For instance “How to improve your search engine rankings” these posts introduce a problem, offer a solution, and then discuss each step to reach the desired result. Use your knowledge to contribute something of value.
Lists.  Top 10’s or 7 common myths style posts are exactly what they sound like, short concise snippets of information that allow someone to easily digest information.
What? Provide a specific explainer on a topic.  For instance “What types of content perform best on social media?”
Why?  Provide your audience the answer to common questions.

Fractl recently partnered with BuzzStream to analyze 220,000 articles across six months.

The results?

What types of content perform best on social media.

  • Lists and why-posts had the most reliable social traction, averaging around 21,000 shares per month (22.45% of shares)
  • Why-posts earned 22.32% of social traction (slightly less than lists)
  • Videos drew 18.94% of total shares
  • How-to articles earned 18.42% of shares.
  • What-posts had the lowest social traction, earning 17.88% of total shares
That may not Seem like a lot of difference across the different content types but considering the effort that may go into creating a video Compared to uniting a simple ‘how lo’ article – that difference is worth noting.

This doesn’t suggest you don’t create and post video content. Rather it identifies a way to get your content Combination balanced in an optimal way. However every audience in different and paying attention to how your audience responds to content and tailoring your content mix for optimal results will benefit both them (by giving them what they like) and you (by giving you more exposure).

So where would you post this content?  Well, In 2013, the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project performed a study to learn which social networking platforms were the most popular. In order, they were:

(Google+ was not ranked.)

Remember, with social media as well as many things in business, timing is key.  Plan your posts for when people are engaging / viewing social media.   This is often early morning, lunchtime and after work.  Vary the timing of your posts and see what different results you get.  You can even post the same thing twice, one week apart at different times of the day and see whether you get a different result…  don’t be afraid to try new things and repeat what works.

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