The importance of a fast-loading website

When you walk into a shop or a restaurant, or any kind of service provider, the speed and efficiency with which you are served makes a lasting impression. It is the same when a customer makes a digital entrance to your website. In this age of fast-moving websites and mobile apps, statistics show that a website that takes more than three seconds to load will lose more than 40% of potential trade. Those customers, who have an expectation that a site will load in less than two seconds, will have already moved on.

Once on your site, your customer then expects to navigate and access information equally as quickly.

These are the benefits of a speedy website for your small business:

Building your customer base

The faster your site loads, the greater the number of visitors. The majority of users, around 80%, do not return to a site if they found it slow and unwieldy. It creates an impression of inefficiency. A website that is responding at optimum speed gives the user a positive experience and keeps them engaged. This will increase both your sales and your repeat business.

Speed improves your Google ranking

Google takes website speed into account when ranking sites, meaning that a speedy website is good for search engine optimisation. That means it is essential your speed matches the best of the best. The slower-moving websites are the ones that slip lower in those all-important internet search rankings. Many small businesses do not take this into account when designing their site. That oversight by others gives your business the opportunity to take the lead in this area and outrank your competitors.

Sales conversions

Sales are driven by your website’s call to action and the slower this function moves, the higher the number of lost sales conversions. Designing a streamlined, visually pleasing, easy-to-use interface for orders will enable this process to be satisfying and hassle-free for your customer. It’s a vital aspect of all e-commerce websites.

Why small business and start-up website design is vital to speed

Your website’s design plays a crucial role in the site’s speed. Loading time is improved by compressing text and image files and limiting video content with slow-loading elements.

The ongoing increase in traffic from mobile phones and tablets means it is equally important to optimise your website for speed on those devices. More and more people are shopping and conducting business while they are on-the-go.

Our expertise can help

At Get Online Australia, our friendly small business website design team create sites combining market-essential speed with eye-catching content.

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