Business Website Packages are great for businesses that want the peace of mind of a fixed price for their website build, but they aren’t suitable for every business.  Read on to learn more of the pros and cons and who they are best suited for…

Who are Business Website Packages suitable for?

Business Website Packages are ideal for:
  • Any business that needs a simple website that clearly conveys what they do /  offer and that can grow with them over time.
  • New businesses that are just getting started.
  • Established businesses that want a website redesign with a fresh look and feel.
  • Businesses that want to transition onto the WordPress platform to take advantage of it’s integrations, scalability, Google friendliness and other benefits
Who Business Website Packages are not ideal for:
  • Businesses that have special requirements such as e-commerce functionality, online stores, advanced booking / reservation systems, memberships sites, etc.
  • Business owners that want a very customised designed with an extended draft / design process to get it ‘just right’.  We call this ‘Bespoke Design’ and while every site we create is highly customised to suit each business, we recognise that some businesses want to spend longer in this part of the process to create a precise look and feel.

What are the Pros of Business Website Packages:

The main benefits are:
  • Fixed pricing – the peace of mind and security of knowing that you have committed to a fixed amount.
  • Being able to select what extras, if any, you need.  Sometime you will want  / need some additional extras: payment gateways (like Paypal) integration, Google Apps for Work, an extended portfolio section, email marketing integration we don’t include these as standard in all packages to keep the cost down, but we are happy to talk about this additional requirements, or start with a foundational presence and work towards added functionality over time, as your business grows.
  • Simpler to understand and compare.  Let’s face it, when you receive a quote and have little to compare it with to understand what it does and does not include it is difficult to fully evaluate it, especially as the online world can be full of a lot of technical jargon that can sound impressive but what does it actually deliver for your business?  By providing a range of website packages, a thorough initial discovery session and a detailed proposal you can be comfortable – and so can we – that you are choosing the website package that best suits your  requirements and is able to scale with your business as needed.
We offer two types of websites packages – small business startup packages and small business website design packages.
Our website packages have been refined and improved over our years of experience working with many small businesses so that they include all the essential elements you need to create an effective website presence.  You can evaluate and discuss with us any extras you need and also choose from the range of packages and weigh up your options.  We will also give you a detailed proposal that includes exactly what is (and isn’t) included in your website package.
For instance, we include with our business website packages: website hosting and domain registration.  We do not include additional domains (website addresses).  We include training to show you how to use your website and maintain it yourself. If you wish to have the assurance and security of ongoing support we are happy to discuss our support plan options with you.  We know that some business owners love to look after their website themselves and take great pride in it, others prefer to have the peace of mind that a professional is taking care of it for them.

What are the Cons of Business Website Packages:

Business website packages have been created to deliver a website for small businesses using a tried and tested process to deliver effective websites for small business.  We value the trust that business owners place in us when they choose to use our website design and digital marketing services.  The packages do have some limitations though:
  • They are not created for businesses that have specific functional requirements (i.e. online stores, real estate agents, membership sites).  For these we recommend you call us and book a discovery session so that we can discuss exactly what you need and how it can be delivered.
  • The packages only include one draft review, this is also a benefit in many ways as our packages use a simple, stream-lined process that has worked for many small business owners.  However we recognise some small business owners want to have more input into the creative / design process and in this case we recommend a bespoke website design, with 3 rounds of review.

Are the essentials covered in your business website package?

Yes, your website is built using a content management system (WordPress) that will allow you to update and add content yourself (if desired).  It is also built with search engine compatibility in mind (so that Google, Bing, Yahoo can easily ‘crawl’ your website) and is mobile-friendly for those that visit your website from a smaller screen (i.e. a phone or tablet which makes up around 50% of website traffic).  We also include the first 12-months domain registration and website hosting plus setup your email addresses for you.

What other ongoing costs might there be with a website? 

If you choose not to use our hosting (and go with your own hosting provider) then expect hosting to cost anywhere from $8/mth (yes, you can get cheaper, we don’t recommend it, feel free to ask why).
For a standard website address your annual registration is around $15/year.
You may also elect to have a CDN, SSL, email marketing software, online advertising and a range of other options that can add additional costs – these are purely elective – however they can be a worthwhile investment in some instances.  An SSL for instance is a security certificate that indicates that you website is secure.  This has benefits for search engines, user experience and improved trust.  A CDN is a way to deliver the content on your website even faster to visitors, which again can have benefits for both search engines and user experience – both of which can increase the number of conversions (visitors who become leads) on your website.