Web design is a complex process that comes with its challenges. Whether you hire a pro or do everything yourself, it’s important to check for potential mistakes and include a few key elements on your pages. To help you out, we’ve compiled this website design checklist. Read on to learn more!

With over 320 million users on the internet today, it’s no surprise businesses everywhere are getting connected online. The first step to this is having a good website.

But what makes a good website? Taking the time to make sure your website is designed well can make a huge difference in the online marketplace.

Read on for the ultimate website design checklist to create stunning pages.


One of the first things users will notice about your website is how it looks. A big part of this is the consistency of the design from page to page.

Because of this, the consistency of your design is an important part of your web design checklist.

Having your pages look the same will help people understand how they should interact with them. This will not only make it easier to navigate but will also make it more enjoyable for users, too.

Maintaining a consistent look and feel for your content is a strong first step for creating a great website.


A big part of having a consistent design and layout on your website is enforcing your brand. Having a strong brand is an important part of your web design checklist.

How your website is organized has a huge effect on how people perceive your business. Whether your business is small or large, your brand is important to the voice of the business.

Not only should your logo and colors all coordinate well, but you should also make sure your content should also reflect your brand. What you post online should be in line with your business’ mission and goals.

Responsive Design

Another important piece of your web design checklist is making sure the design is responsive. But what does this mean?

Responsive website design means the layout adapts across different devices. Whether users are visiting your website with a desktop or a phone, the design should look and work well.

Responsive designs have become more important lately due to the popularity of smartphones. Because of this, having a responsive design is a priority when building a new website.

Strong Content

While having a strong website layout and design is important, the content itself is what will get people to continue coming back.

Having great content is what drives traffic back to your website. Finding the balance between good content that is updated regularly is what sets a good website apart from a bad one.

Curating your content to fit your brand and design is an essential part of your web design checklist. Taking the time to plan your content will help create a consistent look and feel for your website. This both reinforces your brand and ensures your website is the best it can be.

Simplicity and Functionality

When creating a web design checklist, it’s important not to forget about the general functionality of your website. Having a simple and functional website can make a huge difference in how users respond.

Simple structures can make navigating your website easy and enjoyable. This can help users get the information they need as quickly as possible.

The purpose of your website should be to help people get what the information they want. Your design should guide people to where they want to go rather than ask them.

Your Website Design Checklist

Having a website design checklist can make sure your website looks great and does its job. Not only should it function properly, but it should also be easy enough for users to navigate.