Top 5 Essential Blogging Tools to Write Better and Faster

Top 5 Essential Blogging Tools to Write Better and Faster

It’s no secret that blogging can take your business to a whole new level. Yet, most of us rarely have the time or inspiration to create engaging blog posts for our audience. With the right blogging tools, you’ll be able to write better and faster. Here are our favorite picks!

Trying to grow your business with a blog?

Putting out consistent online content can be a major help in taking your business to a whole new level. But coming up with blog topics and actually writing them can be a challenge.

With the right blogging tools, you can overcome this hurdle and write captivating, traffic-driving content. Here’s how!

Keywords Are Key

You may already know that keywords are the words or phrases in your blog that allow users to locate your content when searching the web. Having strong and relevant keywords is an essential blogging tool and a large part of successfully driving traffic to your site.

A keyword planner is a helpful online tool that can assist with generating keywords. Use a tool like this to help you figure out what words users are actually typing into their search engine.

Don’t assume you know the word or phrase a user would type. This is factual information you can discover and use to your benefit. Being off by a single word or even a tense could be holding back your SEO.

You can enter what the post is about into the planner and they will supply you with data on keywords, their combinations and how often they are searched. This is powerful information when it comes to driving more traffic to your blog.

Headlines Matter

This is the first thing a reader sees and a huge component in whether or not they click to read more. Writing a captivating headline can be challenging. Don’t overthink it.

Remember that people are likely skimming through headlines. Our natural instinct is to click on something that is answering a question we have or solving a problem in a clear, concise and easy to understand way.

Making your headlines too wordy or vague can be a huge deterrent in attracting more traffic. Keep it simple and to the point, while still fulfilling a need.

Generate Ideas

Coming up with a good idea is half the battle. If you’re hoping to blog consistently, you’ll need to have an arsenal of ideas you can pull from when it comes time to get writing. A tool like Hubspot Topic Generator can help you discover ideas by typing in some keywords that relate to a topic you’d like to write about.

With a tool like this, you’ll spend less time brainstorming topic ideas and more time writing a traffic driving post that can help your business grow.

Don’t Look Back

Ever get stuck on a sentence and then catch yourself going back to the beginning of your post and rereading what you’ve written so far? Maybe you’re hoping to get a brilliant flash of inspiration as you scan back to the top, but the reality is you’re just wasting time.

If you want to get more writing done faster, resist the temptation to reread your post when you get stuck in the middle. Push forward and keep writing, even if it doesn’t feel perfect. You will have to go back and make edits and corrections no matter what, so save it until the end.

Clean It Up

You want to put content online that is well written and polished. A terrific tool to help with this is Grammarly. Download it to your browser and you can get real-time notices of when sentence structure is off or words are misspelled.

Make the changes as you go. This saves a ton of time and ensures you’re putting your best foot forward at all times when it comes to your blog.

Try These Blogging Tools Today

These five useful blogging tools can be a game changer when it comes to your online content. Try them all to expedite your writing and ensure you’re putting out the type of material that will drive traffic and grow your business.

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