A quick walk along the aisle of an Apple retail store reveals the passion people have for videos. From high noise reduction earphones to tiny microphones and a selfie stick, it seems everyone wants to be a Spielberg. Savvy marketers have been using video content to elevate their SEO ranking for a while now. But with less than a thousand dollars worth of equipment, small business marketers can have video in their marketing playbook as well. Here are 3 reasons why you should do it.

1. You have valuable content

Google looks beyond words to ascertain the value of your content. Making it available in other media demonstrates its value. After all, not everyone loves to read. With a video, your content can reach more people. However, to be effective, you’ll need to ensure the video includes keywords of relevance to your target audience.

2. Channels traffic to your website

Did you know we spend close to a billion hours watching videos on YouTube? It’s insane not to have your video on this site. The audience is waiting! If your URL is embedded in your YouTube video, it makes it easier to direct traffic to your website. Sure, you might want to host the video on your website, but do you have that many viewers to begin with? Besides, hosting your video on YouTube, which at present is the most popular video site, will not slow down your website’s speed.

3. Earn qualified referral traffic

Isn’t it nice to be referred to or linked by others? It underlines your authority and credibility, if not entertainment value at least. Embedding your URL as well as featuring your brand appropriately ensures your video can travel far. This, in return, pushes you higher up the SEO ranking.

Consuming video content is much easier than text in this hurried world we live in. In addition, it fits into our mobile lifestyle too. To learn how you can use it too, connect with us here.