Want to attract more clients? This will help your website. A lot.

Get Online Australia is all about marketing and ultimately for many of our customers what they want their website to do is attract more clients or make more sales.

There are many definitions of marketing but one of the simplest suggests that:

“Marketing is getting the right product or service in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time and making a profit in the process”.

Marketing is about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them what they want. It’s not just about advertising and promoting your business.  That is why at Get Online Australia we often counsel our customers that getting your website online is great, but it is akin to getting your brochure printed and only putting it on your front counter.  The next stage of the process is getting it in front the right people – your potential clients.

“Start up businesses need clients — any clients. Mid-level businesses need more clients and more money. Established, successful businesses need fewer, better, higher-paying clients.”

Attract — don’t push.  Many small businesses invest in Google Adwords, which is great, but this should just be part of you ‘getting your website out there’ and it should also be monitored to ensure you are getting a return on your investment.  A staggeringly high percentage of internet searchers ignore the paid advertising and focus on the organic results in the ‘top 10’ results that Google returns.  So focusing on your organic search engine rankings is also very important.  Social media also sends referrals and new enquires through your website and business if done well.

So the take home message?  Don’t just build a website and expect your customers to come knocking… go out and find them with a good online marketing strategy that combines a mix of: organic search engine optimisation, content marketing, paid advertising and social media.

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