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WordPress Websites for Small Business

We have been working with the WordPress CMS for over ten years, and it continues to evolve and improve thanks to its global network of developers. Often we are asked the question: Why WordPress? Many people often compare WordPress to SquareSpace, or WordPress vs Joomla, so we thought we would answer why WordPress for your small business website.

Let’s start with the meat: WordPress powers over 34% of websites currently on the Internet.  Why are so many business choosing it?  What is so special about WordPress? If you want the quick answer, here it is:

  1. WordPress offers easy user management
  2. The CMS is incredibly flexible and scalable so it can grow with your business
  3. It is cost effective to both establish but also to maintain, there are no lock-in fees or proprietary software
  4. Simple content management
  5. Offers great SEO benefits
  6. Incorporates social media features
  7. Robust security

To boil it down to a one-liner: it is powerful, efficient, adaptable, secure and has the ability to grow.

It can be used to create anything from a plumbing business website through to powerful e-commerce or publishing sites.

For a small business it is an effective online marketing tool, that can start simple and grow with your business.  What may start as a simple brochure site can be added to, expanded, tweaked and optimised into a powerful part of your marketing program.  Attracting, engaging and interacting with potential customers. Here’s a few more reasons to help answer why WordPress for your small business website.

HOWEVER, we also recognise that not everyone likes or wants WordPress - particularly if your key priority is eCommerce functionality. That's why we also offer Shopify eCommerce website development, maintenance and ongoing support.

Shopify websites for small business

Quite simply, Shopify provides a great “out of the box” eCommerce solution that is easy to understand and manage. There are a myriad of tools that come with the platform, and the monthly subscription cost is very reasonable. When Get Online Australia first started, Shopify was completely different with higher monthly premiums, high transaction fees, and a more complex pricing structure. Over the years, Shopify’s offering – and affordability – has improved drastically. Shopify is perfect for those wanting to market test a new product, business idea or to even “have a dabble” with drop-shipping. Their in-store POS solution is also very robust and great for many small retail businesses.

Shopify is an incredibly effective online shopping platform with intelligent features available immediately. Retargeting is simplified with their inbuilt tools, as is Facebook marketing, campaigns and more. An abandoned cart email is natively built into the system, but you can also expand this by leveraging external tools such as Klaviyo email marketing. There is a steady stream of new and improved apps released for Shopify including wishlists, gift registries, loyalty apps and much more.

With Shopify you are locked into a subscription, and as the site is built on Shopify's exclusive CMS (content management system), you cannot simply "move" it to alternate host - and therefore you have limited ability to control your expenses.

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