If you’re an internet or digital marketer or an entrepreneur, you won’t sleep until you’ve figured out new ways to drive traffic to your store for more conversions. That’s the nature of the job. That’s because some channels are more profitable than others. But you won’t know what’s going to increase sales until you’ve tested it.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of website design tips to increase eCommerce website sales.

Website Design Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Sales

Use Instagram

While integrating Instagram on your site is not entirely mandatory, the user generated content you receive, along with the social media element, is something you shouldn’t overlook. Instagram gives you access to millions of pictures for reposting, which in turn can be used on your website to show people that, first, people are indeed buying your products, and two, that you have an active social media following. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do A/B Testing

Some designs work better than others, but as we already mentioned, you won’t know until you try. Enter A/B testing (or split testing). Using A/B testing software has several benefits, even for your website design. You can change a headline to see which one attracts more clicks, try different fonts to see which boost engagement, test various colour schemes and more. A/B testing is the best way to help you uncover any items on your website that could be holding you back, so give it a try.

Pop-Up Competitions and Giveaways

No eCommerce store worth visiting should be without pop-ups. However, the design of the pop-up, when it appears, and what it talks about is all very important. Do you remember in the early 2000s when pop-ups would flash and dance around the screen? Remember how annoying that was? People don’t like being visually assaulted, and that means they’re not reading the information in that pop-up. Instead, think thematically. Have the popup look clean, not jarring. Provide something click-worthy, that grabs the user’s attention, something like discount and giveaway notifications.

And remember, all of your popups should appear after a few seconds of browsing and have a little “x” so people can close it down if they’re not interested.

Optimize Load Time

Research done by Skilled has found that customers have some extreme expectations when it comes to load time:

• 79% of customers will never visit a website again if they are dissatisfied with the overall performance
• 64% of smartphone users expect webpages to load in 4 seconds or less
• 47% of online shoppers using a PC want webpages to load in 2 seconds or less

Because of this, your eCommerce store could be suffering severely if it’s not loading fast enough. For instance, the same research from Skilled found that if your site makes $100,000 a day, an improvement by as much as 1 second will generate an additional $7,000.

One way to up your load time is to get rid of oversized images, flash components, and slow-loading Java. Focus on a minimalist design that functions cleanly. People would rather have a simple website that gives them the answers they are looking for rather than a flashy, multi-layered labyrinth that takes hours to load. Also, use pop-up quick views sparingly. If possible, remove these from all but your biggest sellers.

Utilize Colour Psychology

There are design rules that say certain colours should not be used online or within certain industries. Colour psychology is what tells us that reds equal passion or anger, while blue is more soothing, and black oozes sophistication. If you follow colour psychology closely, you will be able to appeal to the masses without needing a major overhaul of your website. Sometimes, a simple swap of colour, such as changing a font from pure black to a softer charcoal grey, can make all the difference.

Multimedia Enhancement

Website Design Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Sales

Online, the visual element is going to be the most powerful. People are going to be more inclined to buy from you when you have detailed photos of the goods, elegant graphics, and Pinterest-friendly images and text that can be shared to boards. Many websites are also including interactive demos on their website that allow the user to see an item in different lights, colours, or provide a 360-degree perspective. This allows people to visualize more clearly what they are purchasing—and that alone drives people to make said purchase. Also, videos that introduce your services or products are a great element to include.

Content Is King

The best way to get people on your website is to have exceptional content. Yes, even on an eCommerce website. You need to word things masterfully in order to persuade people to give you their money. Make use of attention-grabbing headlines that draw people in, and then you can state your case—or deliver a powerful product description—that entertains, informs, and inspires the reader. The tone of your content should match your niche and your target audience.

Furthermore, if you haven’t done it already, you should start a blog. Having a section on your website completely devoted to blogs is indeed part of website design, because you still need to pay attention to the layout, images, text, colours, and flow of the pages. If you already have a blog but it’s not generating much of a buzz, think about what you can change according to other tips in this list. How can you make your current news trendier and more readable?

Hopefully, you now have some ideas about how to better your overall website design to increase your eCommerce website traffic and sales. Getting more people on your page could be as simple as reworking your headlines, adding more visual cues, and shaving a few seconds off of load time. Try these tips out to see which works best for you!

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