What Does Website Security Mean?

The web has seen some major security breaches and hacker strikes, and your business website is not impervious.  The Heartbleed Bug has given a lot people the jitters.  If you aren’t keeping your website protected and you rely on your website providing:  sales, leads or information for your customers and business then you will want your website protected.  In the case of the worst (a successful hack) you will also want your website back up and running quickly.  So what does implementing website security on your website provide?

1. Website Protection

First and foremost, implementing website security means putting in place measures to stop hackers, prevent breaches and keep your website safe.  This will involve standard upfront work to put all the security measures in place .

2.Website Monitoring

Monitoring what kind of shenanigans are going down on the webs and your website. You need to know when attacks are happening, know when things are getting bad and if there might be potential vulnerabilities that can be plugged up.

3. Website Recovery

Get back on your feet. No matter how good your security is, things happen.   No security is 100%. But we can help clean up through recovery and restoration of services.  If the worst happens you don’t want your website to be disturbed for long.

4. Education

For all the security measures we can put in place, a lot of security comes down to what you do. If you have a horrible password or give admin level access to everyone, our security efforts will be compromised.  We will give you a run down on good security protocols and best practice habits that are easy to implement without killing your productivity.

Website security is about minimising risk and allowing for quick recovery. We can’t promise perfect protection but we can offer peace of mind that you will be reducing the chances of having any issues, that you will know of a problem quickly, and we will have you back up and running as soon as practical.

Tools That Can Help

There are WordPress plugins and backup tools that you can install, configure and maintain yourself (remember the maintenance bit: backups and security that aren’t active are not there when you need them).  Or you can ask about out our website security packages.

Count the Cost

Consider what the cost would be to your business if you website is down for a day, a week or a month?  Lost leads, sales, customers, search engine ranking and possibly, if the site is not backed up properly you can lose valuable work or need a new website.   Then there is the cost of asking a website developer to reinstate your site, fix the breach and more…

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