Websites fail to retain their ranking position across mobile and desktop

A new study performed with SEMrush‘s ‘Organic Research Tool’ has found large differences in search result displays between mobile and desktop. In fact, it has been reports that only 13% of websites retained their ranking position across both platforms.

The study investigated web address and domain position differences for 50,000 random keywords. The results: 30% of listings that are present on the first page of desktop search results lost their position and were moved past the top ten in mobile search.

“The vast difference between mobile and desktop search results really places the importance of using a search result analysis tool that clearly details your website search visibility across both – as you can easily be misled if you’re only looking at search results on your desktop,” states Jeremy Cabral, chief operating officer at

The question is – does this study matter to you and your business?

To understand this, the first place you need to look is at your Google Analytics account. How much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices? Whilst reports indicate that over 50% of global web pages were served to mobile last year, this does not necessarily mean that it applies to your website too.

If your website is receiving more than 30% of it’s traffic from mobile – pay attention. See how your search rankings are performing for mobile versus desktop, and then investigate how you can improve these.

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