What are keywords and why are they important for my small business website?

Using keywords in your small business website
When you start a web design process for your small business the first thing you should consider is keywords.  
Why?  Because they are critical for your website to rank in search engines for search terms that potential customers are using to find you, your products or services. 

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words that you use time and time again in all of your marketing copy.
Your ‘main keywords’ are a set of 5-10 keywords that you use across your site to describe your small business, your products, where you operate and your services. When consider what keywords could be used to describe your business also think about how your customers would be looking for you when using search engines.
Keywords should be used consistently on your home page and across your website but not just ’stuffed’ everywhere (Google will punish you for doing this). 
A keyword is generally a word or phrase that is a topic of significance. Searchers use keywords as a way to identify and verbalize their problem or topic in which they’re looking for more information. Businesses create content around relevant topics to their business which helps them rank and be the content in which searchers find. – Hubspot
When considering your keywords it’s important to consider different ways a person may use words such as slang or abbreviations.  For instance webiste or web.
The above keywords are very ‘broad’. To rank well you would be competing against every other website in Australia (or the world) for that keyword.  Optimising your website for more specific keyword phrases can help your customers find you in more targeted search results.

What is a keyword phrase?

How many words did you type in last time you did a Google Search?
I bet it was at least three, and if you didn’t find what you were looking for then you most likely added a couple more words.   This is a keyword phrase.  For instance: website design Australia.
So have a look at your keyword list and consider how people may combine your keywords to search for what you offer.

What else do I need to know about keywords?

Don’t overdo it!
Knowing what keywords and terms you want to rank for is important because then you can incorporate them consistently across your website and use them as a guide for creating your content.   But if you start to stuff your website with keywords you will be punished by search engines.
Google favours good quality content, and punishes websites that are stuffed full of keywords.

Why do I need keywords?

Here’s a quick recap…

  • Keywords provide the foundation of your website content.  Often they also help you structure a website, for instance a bookkeeper might have a page called ‘bookkeeping services’ that talks all about the bookkeeping services they offer.
  • Keywords help visitors and potential customers understand the purpose of your website or page.   
  • Keywords help search engines understand the purpose of your page. And since search engines help your customers to find you, you want them to know what you are focused on.
 Adding quality content to your website on a regular basis is a very good SEO tactic. Google sees that your website is active because new pieces of information are added. On top of that, you increase the volume of your content. If your keyword strategy has been crafted properly and your content is nicely optimized for the right keywords, adding content will increase your findability.  – Yoast
You can read more about keywords by the guy that designed one of the world’s leading SEO plugins for WordPress here.
For example:
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