What is a WordPress Website?

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WordPress is a website software (also known as a ‘platform’) that currently powers around 25% of all websites and is being used by businesses all around the world as the content management system (CMS) that powers their website.  WordPress is essentially software that is setup on your website hosting to organize all the images, words, links and integrations on your website to create the look, feel and functionality.

WordPress has been the CMS of choice for many bloggers and website creators for years. While the original code dates back nine years, it still holds up as an incredibly powerful and versatile platform – Lifehacker

While WordPress is considered one of the easier website platforms to use, it is also one of the most powerful.  Working with a website designer to create a website based on the WordPress platform allows you to:

  • Benefit from powerful tools and integrations,
  • Have a professionally developed website built on software that allows you to add and update content yourself

If you are new to a WordPress website, you may need a little training to get started with the basics and allow you to better utilize the website’s tools.  Get Online Australia offers both WordPress coaching and WordPress courses.  If you opt for one of our website design packages we also include a free WordPress Coaching session with each website design, to get your started in learning how to easily navigate around your website and make the most out of your experience with your new WordPress website.

And Introduction to WordPress for Small Business What is a WordPress Website?

To put it simply, a WordPress website is any website built using the open source WordPress software.   Websites built on WordPress are considered Google-friendly, mobile-friendly (if built using responsive design) and can integrate with many other platforms including social media, email marketing, payment gateways (such as Paypal, Stripe, etc.) and can also have a large range of functionality added on such as e-commerce (to create an online store), membership websites (for online courses, not-for-profits and sporting clubs) and much more. WordPress’s powerful flexibility can scale to grow with your business and allow you to manage and update your website yourself.  Even those who find themselves struggling a bit, can easily access step by step tutorials on places like YouTube or through their self-help pages.

What can I use a WordPress Website for?

The uses for WordPress websites are almost limitless.  From large publishing websites like LifeHacker through to Real Estate Websites, Photography and Artist Websites, Tourism and Travel Websites, Blogs and Business Websites. With the use of plug-in’s (similar to ‘apps’ on your smartphone) that increase the functionality of WordPress Websites, the skill when using WordPress to build a websites is how to harness the right tools and put the right design elements in place to ensure that you have an effective website that converts visitors into leads and sales.  It’s perhaps the extent of functionality, flexibility, scalability and ease of access that has contributed to its success and why so many people love using the WordPress platform.  Together with it’s continued development to ensure that it is always a powerful and cutting-edge online software.

What does WordPress have to offer?

WordPress gives you full access to your content and publishing.  It makes online content creation, and sharing, simpler and more effective.  You can create a new page or article on your website and share it on social media, email it to your customers and search engine optimise it to appear in Google searches. Responsive web design

WordPress gives the user complete flexibility to use the platform as they wish. You can: create a page, add content, add media (such as images, music, videos, pdfs) and so much more with a few clicks of a button and you’re able to go back anytime and edit or add more.

If you ever find yourself a bit lost within the site or aren’t quite sure how to navigate your way, they have a completely helpful community with forums and friendly people who are ready to help you with whatever questions or problems you may have encountered along the way.

What to learn more about WordPress websites?

Check out our ‘Why WordPress‘ article.  Considering WordPress for a Small Business Website then read on here.

Need more reasons to love WordPress?

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