What is Digital Marketing for Small Business

What is digital marketing for small business?

Digital marketing for small business is how you get your business found online.

It is the promotion of your products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media and is sometimes called: internet marketing, online marketing, content marketing and more. It can include email, social media, your website, text messages and online advertising.  While many small businesses do a little bit of some of those things to promote themselves online, they often don’t do it consistently or strategically – and this gives your business an opportunity to do it better.


Digital marketing encompasses such a variety of promotional techniques and mediums to reach potential customers that a large part of our work here at Get Online Australia is to stay on top of all the latest technologies and strategies so that you don’t have to.  As a small business there is enough to juggle without staying au fait with the latest online ‘must haves’ – so we do it for you!  Not only that, we cut through the noise to determine the best tools and strategy for you to reach your potential customers and are able to ignore the fads that might otherwise take up precious time and financial resources.

How do I get found in Google?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked.   Our digital marketing services use your website as your online marketing hub, and leverage off the power of the WordPress content-management system’s ability to integrate with a large range of online platforms and services so that you can cost-effectively and efficiently increase your online exposure to potential customers.

Digital marketing is targeted, measurable and interactive.  Digital marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), link building, social media, content creation and content publishing are all measurable.

“Digital marketing gives small businesses the tools which, in the past, were only available to businesses with big budgets.” – Nick James of FreshBusinessThinking.com

uses a series of foundation principles which helps us to identify how to reach out to your potential customers, attract them to your business and get them to act; whether that action is a phone call, email enquiry, online purchase or signing up to an email newsletter.  We create a dedicated digital marketing strategy for each business so that we all understand how best to move customers from ‘window-shoppers’ to loyal customers and that includes an engagement strategy (where appropriate) to stay in touch with them for repeat or referral business.

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How do I access your Digital Marketing for Small Business Services?

We noticed that a lot of the digital marketing services available weren’t priced to suit small business budgets.  Over several months we worked hard to determine the best suite of tools, services and products we could use to make our digital marketing services affordable for small business.  Digital marketing is an investment and there is a lot of lip services to it not being an expense… but that is only the case if you are getting a demonstrated return on that investment.

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