What is Marketing?

When I first decided to become a marketer, many people immediately went into a conversation about sales techniques – how to close a deal, how do I feel about cold-calling people and more. At the time, I remember being rather bewildered as sales and marketing were terms very often confused and even interchanged. Interestingly enough, this still happens and for that reason alone I thought to myself, why not just write a blog about “What is marketing?!” Simple enough, right?

So – let’s take it back to the absolute basics.

Marketing is a type of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product and/or service to them. 

Hold on…. that sounded like I was defining “Advertising” didn’t it? Well – in a way I was. Advertising is just one of the type of communications – or a type of marketing – that can be used with the goal of selling a product.

The Australian Government uses the following definition for Marketing –

Put broadly, marketing is a strategic mix of business activities that work towards a bigger goal of building your brand and business. Marketing is about identifying and understanding your customers and developing products and services that meet their needs.

Marketing isn’t as simple as putting together a flyer, or having a logo for your business. Marketing requires research, time and examination of all aspects of your business. This can be summarised into the “Four P’s” of marketing which include –

  • Product – identify and develop your product
  • Price – determine your product’s price
  • Place – select the best distribution method so you can reach your customers
  • Promotion – develop and implement a promotional strategy that will support your product (advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, etc)

We can add a fifth “P” with “People” – the people within your business, their skills and knowledge, and how they communicate with customers, offer after-sales service and customer support both on and offline.

Whether you are a start up, small business or larger, developing – and updating – your marketing plan is an important way to begin forming a strategy to reach customers and encourage them to purchase from you.

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