When you’re in business it is important to know what your competitors are doing, what the trends are and what new technology is available. However, when it comes to building your small business website, you need to make sure you’re doing what’s right for you, not what is right for someone else. While there are industry trends and commonality between customer behaviours, make sure your small business marketing plan is tailored to you and your customers by considering which type of website is right for you.

eCommerce website

There is no doubt that online shopping is gaining popularity every day. eCommerce websites are a convenient and instant way to passively capture sales, so why wouldn’t you want your small business website to have an online store? Well, consider whether your product can be easily converted onto an eCommerce website. Is your product very intricate or tactile and is best bought after the customer can look and feel what it’s all about? This can be hard to translate online and may result in lost sales. Or is your product highly customisable, requiring input from sales staff and decisions from the customer to guide the final product? If this is the case, you don’t want your customers traversing this process alone online and going away with a product that doesn’t suit.

One-page website

These can give your small business a very sleek and modern online presence. Just remember a one-page website works because of its simplicity. If you can’t crystallise your message to be easily conveyed and understood in a one-page website your customers can go away without any idea of what you actually do. Similarly, if you try and cram too much information into a one-page website, you’ve lost the value of its simplicity.

Image heavy website

Another very modern and responsive design, but one which will only work if your business is a visual one. This could mean anything from photography to car detailing, but is less ideal for a service business where it is harder to convey what you do through images. You’ll then end up with a very pretty website, but again, one where your customers aren’t really sure what you can do for them.


At Get Online Australia we offer all types of websites for small business, from single page websites to extensive eCommerce websites. When considering which type of website is right for your business, contact us for a FREE consultation.