Why WordPress for your Small Business Website?

WordPress powers over 25% of websites currently on the Internet.  Why are so many business choosing it?  What is so special about WordPress?

The answer lies in its powerful software, adaptability and ability to grow.

It can be used to create anything from a plumbing business website through to powerful e-commerce or new publishing sites.

For a small business it is an effective online marketing tool, that can start simple and grow with your business.  What may start as a simple brochure site can be added to, expanded, tweaked and optimised into a powerful part of your marketing program.  Attracting, engaging and interacting with potential customers.

Since it’s early days as a pure blogging tool, WordPress has come a long way.  If you have ever spent time as a business owner learning to manage a site built with a cumbersome content management system then you will know the time and frustration that can come with it.  The software that powers your website is incredibly important.

WordPress continues to grow and develop. "The technology that’s powering a fourth of the internet’s websites is the name spoken by dentists, mechanics and barbers, not just tech companies or multinationals.” Says Chris Lema.

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