Why you need mail list segments

We’ve all been annoyed by overzealous and aggressive email marketing. In fact, “45% of customers dislike it when a brand reaches out too often”. Separating your mail list into categories, based on a wide range of data, will solve this problem. Here is a step-by-step guide to incorporating mail list segments in your small business website design.

1. Tech support

In order to create the most accurate mail list segments, it’s advised that you use a software program. Mistakes are common, but a targeted program will ensure that your emails actually get sent, and go to the right customer. Transaction Agency reported that you could see up to a 50% conversion rate when switching to automatic marketing strategies. With odds like that, why not give it a try?

2. Collecting data

To target the right people with the right ads, you’ll need some help. The best way to gather more information about consumers is via website forms. Website forms are fully customisable and can even use the data they collect to automatically create consumer categories. Whether you’d like a certain email to reach new customers or existing ones, Mail List Segment software has it sorted. Personalised emails are even proven to be six times more successful in generating revenue than regular emails.

3. Better email marketing

Emails need to be approached differently than social media marketing. A good mail software program will include templates that make it easier to organise larger amounts of information. Targeted emails have many strategic uses. One great example is that you could offer a discount to a customer that opens a lot of emails but hasn’t made a purchase yet. Mail list software will provide ease of use to the customer as well. Customers can personalise their experience by unsubscribing or adjusting the frequency and content of your communication.

If you are considering using mail list segments in your website designs but don’t know where to start, get in contact with us today!


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