Why your customers use eCommerce websites

It’s no secret that online shopping is popular. Nothing is going to change that, especially as we all become busier and savvier at comparison shopping. Therefore, if you are looking at building or redesigning your small business website, make sure the eCommerce side of it receives the necessary attention too. Just as it’s enticing to walk into a store with plush furnishings, highly polished tiles, soft music and warm lighting, your online store needs to be just as inviting. To help your eCommerce website appeal to your customers, you first need to understand how and why they’re shopping online.

1 – To save time

Of course, a few clicks and a saved credit card is quicker than jumping in the car any day, but it’s not just at the purchasing stage where your eCommerce customers want to save time. Everyone wants to feel like they’ve done their due diligence when making a purchase to get the best possible price. Shopping around and comparing prices and features online is the preferred method for your customers, so make it easy.

Make sure you have detailed product descriptions and easy to view and enlarge images of the product from every angle. Your customers will have access to more choice when shopping online, so make sure all of your products are listed to remain competitive.

2 – To be part of the community

We may be spending more time in front of our computers, but we still want to connect, even when we’re shopping. Your online customers are looking for a way to connect and identify with your brand. You can do this by including customer reviews on your website to encourage third-party endorsement and improve sales. You can also invite customers to become VIP members with you or share their purchases on social media.

3 – Special offers

Customers also expect something a little extra for shopping online that they don’t get in-store. Therefore, consider offering free shipping on your eCommerce website, or exclusive discounts. You don’t have to offer every customer a discounted price. Instead, provide a discount code on a purchase to encourage repeat business.

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