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Tips for your WordPress Website

WordPress is a powerful, yet simple to use website management software that provides an online marketing hub for small business.  Using the WordPress platform for your small business website allows you to add content, manage and maintain  your own website, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Teaching our customers to get the most out of their new business website is important to Get Online Australia.  Below you will find an array of information to help you get started with editing and managing your WordPress website.

Tips from our Blog

WordPress for small business: How To Set Your Image Title and Alt Tag Properly.

When you upload an image to WordPress, its recommend you always set your image title and alt tag… why? Because search engines don’t see images you need to describe the images for them. Search engines see the code behind the image,  like this: <img src=”http://www.example.com/example.png” alt=”Keyword”> This is how a search engine views your image filename, and…

WordPress Training and Support – WordPress Menu Manager

WordPress Menu Manager: The WordPress menu manager allows your to easily adjust your site’s navigation layout.  Managing your WordPress menu allows you to add new pages, take away old pages and ensure the most relevant content for your customers is easily reachable for them.  The WordPress menu manager offers a ‘drag and drop’ feature which…

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