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The WordPress menu manager allows your to easily adjust your site’s navigation layout.  Managing your WordPress menu allows you to add new pages, take away old pages and ensure the most relevant content for your customers is easily reachable for them.  The WordPress menu manager offers a ‘drag and drop’ feature which allows you to easily rearrange the order of your pages in the menu, and also to add and remove pages.  You can also arrange pages as sub-menus.  The below is a basic rundown of the menu manager.

Changing a WordPress Menu:

Adding a page to a WordPress menu:

  1. Go to ‘Menus’ (under appearance on the left side of the dashboard).
  2. In the box title ‘Pages’ check the box next to the page you would like to add to the menu (note: if the page isn’t showing you may need to change to the ‘view all’ or ‘search’ tab to locate it).
  3. Once the box is ticked click ‘add to menu’.
  4. Your new page will be added at the bottom of the list under ‘Menu Structure’ (see right)
  5. Once you have made the changes make sure you click ‘save menu’
  6. Once you have saved  your menu, open a new tab in your Internet browser and view the website as a customer would to ensure you are happy with how it appears.


Rearranging pages on the WordPress menu:

  1. Click the menu item you would like to move and drag it to the position where you would like it to appear in the menu.
  2. If you would like it to appear as a sub-menu of a page make sure that it is under that page and indented it should have the italicised ‘sub item’ text appear next to the page title.
  3. Once you have made the changes make sure you save your changes.
  4. View your website as a customer would (from the front end) to ensure you are happy with how it now appears.

Additional tips for WordPress menus:

Additional options for managing your pages are available if you click on the down arrow to the right of the page title.

Changing the name of a page in the menu: if you would like a website page to have a different name in the menu to the actual page title you can change the navigation label. This can be helpful if you have a long page title and it affects the formatting of the page / menu.

Removing a page from the menu:  If you need to remove an item from the menu, click ‘remove’.

Once again, remember to save your changes before you navigate away from the page.

There is more great information about the WordPress Menu manager in the WordPress Menu User Guide.




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